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TARGET SIGHTS for anti-aircraft rocket-artillery sets

TARGET SIGHTS for machine guns






We produce electronic and optoelectronic units such as:

    laser rangefinders components

    night vision units

MLI-50 miniature impulse laser

Our small laser heads are applied in telemetric systems, e.g. in laser rangefinders used mainly by rocket, artillery and anti-aircratf military units, in observation devices and in rangefinders which are used in reconnaissance operations and which cooperate with gunfire control system.

Basic tactical and technical data

Mark MLI-50/3 MLI-50/4
Safety class III B III B
Working mode monoimpulse monoimpulse
Laser bar YAG:Nd
diameter 3 mm
length 50 mm
diameter 3 mm
length 50 mm
Width of laser impulse ~ 7 ns ~ 5 ns
Muzzle velocity of laser impulse ~ 15 mJ ~ 30 mJ
Threshold energy of generation ~ 5,3 J ~ 11,3 J
Input energy of working point ~ 6,2 J ~ 12,5 J
Length of laser wave 1064 nm 1064 nm
Durability > 10 000 impulses > 10 000 impulses

Night vision units

We produce night vision units which are designed mainly for day and night anti-aircraft target sights.

Detection (noticing) a target during the night for CP-1 and CKE-1N target sights with night vision units*:

    single soldier600 m
    off-road vehicle1500 m
    helicopter2500 m
* with the light of 5 mlx, 50% contrast level between the target and the background, in good visibility conditions.

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