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About us

PREXER Ltd. has been founded in 1992 in a part of the Kinotechnic Institute in Łódź which was to be closed. Since the begining PREXER has produced articles designed for national defense, mainly for Armoured and Mechanical Military (9 mm pistols and periscopes) and for Anti-aircraft Military Units and Navy (anti-aircraft target sights).


Target sights

The cooperation with Anti-aircraft Military Units started in 1983 with participation in implementation of the GP-IR tachometric target sight for ZUR-23-2S anti-aircraft set which was selected for armour by the Polish Army in 1987. In 1996 serial production of naval version of the GP-02MR tachometric target sights was initiated. The target sights were used by the Polish Navy.

In 1994 the Company started working on the GP-03WK tachometric target sight designed for the ZU-23-2T 23 mm anti-aircraft guns. It was additionally equipped with azimuth pointer which enabled quick target interception and guns adjustment in the right direction. The GP-02WK tachometric target sight with its equipment helped with the modernization of the ZU-23-2 23 mm anti-aircraft guns to the ZU-23-2T level by replacing the ZAP-23 vector target sight.

In following years due to improving the capabilities of the angle of allowance and eliminating failing gyroscope, two kinds of collimator target sights were constructed, with electronically steered mirror the CKE-1 and the CKE-2. Both of them have been applied in the ZU-23-2K and the ZU-23-2KG anti-aircraft guns since 2002. The CKE-2 target sight cooperates with GROM rockets starting base which is installed in the ZUR-23-3KG set.

In 2003 the company constructed a target sight with a electronically steered mirror and no gyroscope, the CKE-4MR, designed for the ZU-23-2MR naval rocket-artillery set and the ZU-23-2M 23 mm naval gun. The CKE-4MR target sight is also used in firing with the 9K32M anti-aircraft close range rockets.

From 2003 to 2007 the company introduced and implemented the new generation CP-1 programmable target sight, which apart from all the standard functions has the ability of working in crosstrainer mode. The target sight may become a part of Fire Control System due to its cooperation with external target tracking sources (REGA system).

In years 2004-2005 two more collomator target sights with night vision were implemented: the CKE-1N and the CKE-2N.

In 2006 the CKE-2I target sight was designed and equipped with signaling system which cooperated with rocket starting base and with external fire control systems (such as KOBRA).

In 2008 the company designed the CKE-1T collimator target sight with thermovision module and demonstrated it at the Air Force Military Range Wicko Morskie.

Two years later the CKE-1ND collimator target sight with night vision and laser rangefinder was produced by the company and demonstrated at the same military range.


Military pistols - WIST 94 and WIST 94L

Works over the WIST military pistol were started in 1993 and continued with cooperation with Military Technical Armament Institute in Zielonka. In 1994 the company prepared prototype series, and after that in 1996 a trail batch was produced.
The WIST military pistol model appeared to be of a very good construction, and after some qualification studies was accepted as munition by the Polish Army. Serial production and supplies for the army started in 1997. The pistol is produced in two versions: the WIST 94 (standard) and the WIST 94L (with laser target pointer).

Since the begining of the production the company worked on preparing and manufacturing the components of the pistol on its own. After some time the technology used by the company allowed to produce almost all the components by PREXER Ltd..

The WIST-94 and WIST-94L are the articles of the highest quality comparable with the best articles of the world best firms. The WIST military pistol was awarded with the DEFENDER Award in 1997 at the International Defense Industry Fair in Kielce.

Observation devices

Prismatic and new generation heated observation devices make the third group of articles (apart from military pistols and target sights) in production of which PREXER Ltd. keeps its interest.

From the early years of existence of the company, the periscopes were produced in classic version and used mainly in the T55 and T72 armoured vehicles (e.g. the TNP-165A, the OP-160, the OP-26 and the OP-65 periscopes).

In years 1995-1996, thanks to the usage of unique technology of creating heating layers on optical elements, the company introduced to production periscopes with heated windows (e.g. OPO-31, OPO-115, OP-350, OPO-170).

In years 2002-2003 periscopes were equipped with laser light absorbing filters, which effectively save observer's sight (the periscopes: OP-65F, OPO-31F, OPO-115F, OP-350F, OPO-170F - used in BWP 1 armoured transporter).

In following years a new group of periscopes was introduced. Their characteristics is wide angle of vision both horizontal and vertical planes and classic glass prisms replaced with prisms made of organic glass (the OPO-120F, the OPO-125F and the OPO-130F periscopes).

Advantages of these articles are:
wide angle of vision in azimuth as well as in elevation,
light weight,
heated windows,
protection against laser light.

These products are of the highest quality and was used in 2004 in the Ryś-2 Armoured Transporter, which is produced by Automotive Military Institute 5 in Poznań. They may be also used in KTO ROSOMAK Armoured Transporter, which is produced by Mechanical Military Institute in Siemianowice Śląskie.

In 2010 the company produced a prototype of a day and night periscope with night vision module - the OPO-170N.

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AQAP 2110:2016

in the fields of: designing, production
and supply of metal products
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